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What is wonderfully unique about Rev. Dave Stardancer Baker, is that he allows you to set the pace of your learning experience and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Pagan learning environment. You will be challenged and we invite those who welcome this challenge to his unique and relaxed space. He take your education very seriously, and in turn you should be serious about your education and training in the Path of Paganism. Dave Stardancer Baker teaches on a one on one bases, so that the relaxed atmosphere will help in furthering your understanding on the road you are about to par-take.

I welcome you to begin your studies by clicking on the Application link and submitting your application. We look forward to having you join as a new student today

Dave started his journey at the age of 7 when he realized that he could read playing cards and was able to see and hear ghosts. He soon was under the tutelage of a prominent High Priestess and Crone of The Circle of Wind coven. Following her passing 15 years later, Dave was taught by her successor, for 21 years. Dave is educated in the Wiccan ways, as well as the Celtic, Druid, and shamanistic ways. His journey has continued to further his understanding of all earth based religions. Dave has also learned at an early age that he could channel his own energy into those that had some physical aliments. In 1985 and again in 1987 he assisted with PA police in two missing person cold cases and was able to help bring to light and find the missing people. Dave “Stardancer” enjoys living simply and has always believed that what is given freely should be given back freely. Life is not about making a name, but just to enjoy life. Dave continues to further his spiritual enlightenment and assists others along the same path. A certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor since 1991, Dave is a dually ordained Minister of both the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California and Eucharist Minister of the Episcopal Diocese of Trenton, NJ. In 2009 til the present day, Dave Stardancer Baker began teaching new fledglings who has the desire and willingness to learn about the pagan path. Dave Stardancer Baker has an unorthodox way of teaching but it has been proven to be effective. Many of his students have gone on to high learning within their chosen path .